Form for those interested in buying puppies from the airedale, kerry blue and lakeland terriers kennel "Poezja Ruchu"

All people who express an initial or determined willingness to buy a puppy, please fill out all personal data-related fields in the form below. Please enter TRUE AND CURRENT DATA.

By filling out the remaining fields you will make our later telephone conversation easier. Please do not call, I will call you back as soon as possible.

All the provided personal data will remain at the disposal of Poezja Ruchu (incl. for contact, to choose the right puppy from the litter and to draw up a purchase and sale contract) and SAFE-ANIMAL, an international database of electronically-labeled animals - I consider S.A. registration obligatory. If the puppy is not sold or the dog passes away, all the personal data will be removed from e-mail and our computers or stored for the purpose of priority purchase of another dog.

Please see our PRIVACY POLICY.

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